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Philosophical Reflections - 
The Differences Between N.F.P. and Contraception

1) N.F.P. is truly family planning since it teaches a couple both how to space their children and how to plan their pregnancies. Contraceptive technology is geared solely to avoiding the conception of children.

2) N.F.P. enhances a woman's view of herself - removes ignorance surrounding the workings of her own body. She no longer sees her fertility as a threat - she no longer has to arm herself with devices, or assault her body with drugs and operations - fear and ignorance alienate a woman from her body - and from valuing herself as a whole person.

3) Because N.F.P. promotes an acceptance and valuing of fertility, it indirectly promotes an openness to, and value for the child which is the product of that fertility. Planning the conception of children is part of N.F.P. Couples are always confronting the reality of their fertility and working within that reality. They accept their fertility rather than suppress it, and accept the possibility that they may decide at any time to have a child.

The whole thrust of contraception is aimed at avoiding a pregnancy. One's fertility is treated as a threat, so it is not surprising that the product of that fertility is seen as a threat - this easily becomes a habit of mind one is gradually led to believe that having a child can be a disaster if the timing is wrong, its numerical place is wrong, if it is not physically perfect, if it is not the right sex, if one is not of the right age, or if it interferes with personal ambitions, etc. - it becomes an obsession such that abortion becomes the logical solution - loving becomes purely conditional (I will only love you if...), valuing of the child becomes purely conditional and ultimately and logically valuing of human beings becomes conditional.

4) A user of N.F.P. personally assumes responsibility for decisions made re: spacing of children. Husband and wife depend on themselves and God rather than delegating this responsibility to technology.  During the fertile time they act out of their free will to have or not to have children and then take the responsibility for that decision by either using or avoiding this time.

5) A user of N.F.P. allows for God to be part of the decision-making process of the couple - if one regards God as an integral part of the married relationship, one must allow Him room to direct, to inspire so that decisions are quality decisions - the person who takes the pill in the morning can't change her mind that evening - if the decision to avoid pregnancy is a flawed decision and one is open to God's direction then you can change your mind at any time with a natural method.

6) A user of N.F.P. never forgets the creative dimension of love-making. Even those who decide to postpone a pregnancy are in no danger of losing sight of this - every act of abstinence is a reminder of this creative aspect.

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