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The Billings Method

by Dr. Evelyn Billings
Published by Billing Family Life Centre
Dr. Evelyn Billings, with her husband, John, refined the Ovulation Method now used all over the world. In this book she describes in detail how to use the Billings method and its scientific basis. Today there are over a million copies in print in 22 languages.

Physicians Healed

by Edited by Cleta Hartman
Published by Tan Books (One More Soul)
Moving stories of 15 physicians who do not prescribe contraceptives and who promote Natural Family Planning. These are powerful accounts of conversion, courage, and conviction. Learn what moved these doctors to risk losing patients, income, and the respect of their peers. John Cardinal O’Connor of New York stated: “It is indeed inspiring to read of the spiritual journeys of these faithful physicians, and especially of their honesty and perseverance.” Share this with your physician; many have been converted.

A Consumers Guide to the Pill and other Drugs

by John Wilks, B.Pharm, MPS, ALL Inc. Stafford Virginia, 1997, ISBN 1- 890712-25-6

Drawing heavily on current medical literature –946- references, John Wilks presents a sobering, clinical, analysis of the medical literature and uncovers the truth of the sheer magnitude of the pill’s controversial history. Every thing prescribers and consumers need to know to be truly informed.

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