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 The Natural Family Planning Association presents

Basic Teacher Training Workshop
in the
Billings Ovulation Method

The Billings Ovulation Method is an easy, simple and safe natural family planning method 
that helps couples to achieve or postpone pregnancy during all stages of a woman's fertility. This workshop is not limited to those who want to become Billings Ovulation Method teachers and is only the first requirements to become a qualified Billings Ovulation Method teacher.  The course is either scheduled as one four day course or in two parts on two different weekends.

Topics covered in Part 1 and Part 2 workshops:

  • Scientific Understanding 

  • The Hormones 
    - work of Prof. J. Brown

  • The Cervix 
    - work of Prof. E. Odeblad

  • Overview of the Billings Ovulation Method

  • Six Requirements of Fertility

  • Rules of the Billings Ovulation Method

  • Charting with Symbols

  • Normal Cycles

  • REVIEW Scientific Understanding

  • The Hormones - work of Prof. J.Brown

  • The Cervix - work of Prof. E. Odeblad

  • Stress cycles
  • What to expect in the Peri-Menopause

  • Short Luteal phase

  • Sub-Fertility

  • Post Hormonal Contraception  

  • Recognition of the Peak

  • Basic Infertile Pattern of Dry

  • Cycles of Average Length, Short and Long

  • Thinking in Patterns

  • B.I.P. of Discharge / Combined B.I.P.

  • Average Length Cycles; Cycles longer than 35 days

  • Different Types of Bleeding

  • Natural Indicators of Ovulation

  • Breastfeeding - Helping the Lactating Mother

  • Rapidly Changing Pattern of Discharge

  • Condom charts/pregnancy investigations
  • Assignment Review

  • Recognizing abnormalities

  • Clarification of any unanswered questions

  • Teaching – Confidentiality; Clinics

  • Teacher Training Process

Who should attend these workshops?

  • Billings Ovulation Method Teachers and Trainees; 

  • Billings Ovulation Method users; 

  • Physicians and Medical Professionals; 

  • School Teachers; 

  • Interested individuals and Couples; 

  • Clergy, Seminarians and Religious

There will be no provision for child care, however, nursing babies are welcome to attend 
with their mothers!


Rose Heron
Senior Teacher Trainer for Canada, Billings teacher for over 30 years.
Anne Belanger  Anne Belanger
Teacher Trainer, Billings teacher for over 20 years.


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