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How you can help

The teachers of the Natural Family Planning Association - Ontario provide this valuable education at no charge, as described in our mission statement:

The Natural Family Planning Association – Ontario provides free education in the Billings Ovulation Method to foster the understanding of fertility and support the planning and spacing of children. We are committed to advancing the development of knowledgeable, proficient and accredited instructors who serve couples and individuals. 

Although our accredited teachers are all volunteer and receive no salary, The Natural Family Planning Association – Ontario does have expenses.  The NFP Association – Ontario reimburses the teachers for their expenses (e.g. gas, babysitting).  Also, the association has an accreditation process (which includes initial training, certification, re-certification and professional development) so that our teachers can provide the best Billings Ovulation Method education.

While we provide this education at no charge to all, we do need your financial support to continue to expand our educational services.  We are a charitable organization and as such are able to issue tax-deductible charitable donation receipts.  Donations are totally voluntary.  You do not need to donate to start or to continue receiving our educational services. 

You can donate online with a credit card through the Canada Helps website.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!\

You can also donate by sending a donation c/o 3050 Yonge Street, Suite 205, Toronto, Ontario  M4N 2K4.
Please make your cheque payable to: Natural Family Planning Association - Ontario.

Thank you for your support.

The Natural Family Planning Association - Ontario is affiliated with the World Organization Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB) Canada and WOOMB International.

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