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Are you interested in learning the Billings Ovulation Method to understand your fertility and protect your reproductive health? If so we can help. You can use this method to either achieve or avoid pregnancy.

The method is based on the symptoms associated with cervical mucus that is sensed at the vulva by the woman as she is doing her normal daily activities. The woman learns to recognise the times of fertility and infertility by the presence or absence of this cervical mucus.

We strongly suggest that you contact an accredited teacher of the method for help in identifying these times during the initial learning phases. In Ontario, check the Ontario Teaching Centres. If you cannot locate a teacher near you, please email us your location and we will identify the nearest teacher for our "face to face" teaching service.

The use of the Billings Ovulation Method is not compatible with barrier or hormonal contraception, either during the learning period or for family planning purposes.

Please feel free to email us your location and we will identify the nearest teacher for our "face to face" teaching service. 

If we do not have a teacher close by, then contact us here. We have developed a teaching system which enables you and your teacher to conduct a sustained interaction for as long as it is necessary for you to understand your symptoms of fertility and infertility.

The following links, on the WOOMB International site, provide essential introductory information:

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