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Conference Report: Theology of the Body Discovering The Master Plan for Your Life

ToB ConferenceThe Conference, The Theology of the Body: Discovering the Master Plan for Your Life, has come and gone. With over 1000 attendees, it was an incredible success. This event which took place over two days, introduced the participants to John Paul II’s teachings on the human body, its sexuality and its relationship with God. John Paul II delivered this message in 129 talks between 1979 and 1984. Christopher West was a lively, personable presenter who utilised popular music and movies to drive home the message that humans are looking for love and this love is the love of Jesus Christ: free, total, faithful and fruitful.

Friday afternoon, Christopher West gave a talk at a special priest’s luncheon:  Proclaiming the Theology of the Body. This was well received by 110Christopher West priests, seminarians, deacons and 2 bishops. This was followed by the Friday night talk where Christopher West explored the creation of man and woman and severing of them from God’s love. Saturday was spent exploring how we have been brought back to the love of God through Jesus Christ and in the process the re-integration of our bodies and souls to fully reflect God’s love, be it through a calling to marriage and physical love or to celibacy the ultimate union with Christ and the church.  The message was well received with over 94% of the participants saying that it had met or exceeded their expectations.

Our new booth was unveiled at this conference with many positive comments. In time we expect some more changes. Several teachers came by to say hello and were favourable impressed with the new booth.

Sue and Tom Kennedy, and Janice Noonan from the God, Sex and the Meaning of life ministry and Rose Heron should be commended for all the hard work that they did to bring this important message to Toronto. It was a well run, exciting conference.

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Article in the Catholic Register before the event.

Article in the Catholic Register after the event.

Christopher West Impromptu jam with Critical Mass

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Archbishop Collins

Saturday morning homily

ToB Conference ToB Conference

Christopher West

Christopher West

Critical Mass

Theology of the Body Conference in Toronto

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